Carolyn Schmidt: Biography

In 2005 she co-produced Medicare Schmedicare and in 2004 she co-directed and produced Woodward's: The Competition (CBC).

During 2004 she also directed two documentaries for Discovery Channel USA, Iceberg Cowboys and Sinking An Aircraft Carrier. In 2003 and she worked as a co-producer and senior researcher on Smarter Than The Rest Of Us (for CTV).

Carolyn has an extensive background in documentary television including work on several Discovery Channel and History Television documentary series. Prior to moving to Vancouver in 2003, Carolyn wrote and directed Dundurn: A Castle in the Wilderness, The Methye Portage, Great Slave Lake: The Great Connector, York Factory: The Last Outpost and Stanley Park: A Garden in The Wilderness for History Television's Historylands and Lakes. She also wrote and directed a selection of documentaries for the Discovery Channel.

Carolyn started in television as a field producer at CBC working on several current affairs programs: 50/UP, Pacific Rim Report, Moving On and The Health Show.

She holds a Masters of Journalism degree from the University of Western Ontario.






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