"Medicare Schmedicare ….provocative and disturbingly skeptical"
          John Doyle, The Globe and Mail

"A powerful, brilliant, timely documentary…. Medicare Schmedicare isn't only tonight's must-see program, it should be mandatory viewing for anyone who cares about this country's ailing health system."
          Vinay Menon, Toronto Star.

Smarter Than The Rest Of Us is "A terrific and fascinating show"
          Jaimie West. CFML Hamilton.

"A brilliant, crusty and inventive film-maker."
          Patrick Watson, The Canadians, Part 11.

"Anything Bob Duncan creates is worth watching.."
          Mike Boone, Montreal Gazette.

"The Sheldon Kennedy documentary.. is a riveting, disturbing and important piece of work."
          William Houston. Globe and Mail.

".. a handsomely crafted and moving film.. a large part of what makes it special is Duncan's very literate narration...thoughtful and elegant."
          Tony Atherson, Ottawa Citizen.

"Unforgettable" -
          Toronto Star

"Ellen's Story is excellent.."
          Marke Andrews, Vancouver Sun.

" Gives viewers great insight.. a beautifully written portrait and enormously important."
          John Haslett Cuff. Globe and Mail

"I'd never have been able to fathom a life without written words if it weren't for this movie. Robert Duncan has done an extraordinary job."
          Hester Riches. Vancouver Sun

"Utterly absorbing.. first rate.. imaginative and sensitive."
          Lee Bachass, Vancouver Province.

".. A remarkable documentary. A rare example of journalistic integrity at once shocking and comforting…a parable of the times."
          Ted Shaw, Windsor Star.

"...Not to be missed."
          Hollywood Reporter.

"If you are watching only one show this weekend, watch Beaverbrook."
          Tony Atherson, Ottawa Citizen.



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