Janice Brown: Biography and Filmography

Prime Cut Editing Services, whose editing facilities contain state of the art digital systems for off-line television editing, was established in 1985 by Janice Brown and is responsible for supervising all editing of DocTV and Duncan Productions' projects. It also functions as an independent editing house. Rates are available on demand.

Janice Brown's long list of editing and directing credits includes such recent network specials as The Orkney Lad, The Matchless Six, When a Child Goes Missing, John McCrae's War, The Ridiculous Obsession.

A graduate from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts she started her editing career in 1974 at the National Film Board of Canada. As well as a host of documentary credits Ms. Brown was Supervising Editor of the animated feature, Heavy Metal, directed by Gerald Potterton and produced by Ivan Reitman.


The Business of Sex. Editor/Co-Producer.
A CTV special on the legalization of prostitution.

Medicare Schmedicare. Editor/Co-Producer.
For CBC's "A Passionate Eye".

Being Caribou. Editor.
An NFB special on the Arctic trek of the great caribou herds.

Wooodward's: The Competition Editor/Co-producer
A one hour network special for CBC and CBC Newsworld on the revitalisation of the inner city in the downtown eastside of Vancouver.
Smarter Than The Rest Of Us Co-Producer/Editor
A One hour CTV network special looking into human intelligence.
Golf: The Ridiculous Obsession Editor/Co-producer
Two one hour network specials for CTV on the obsessive nature of golf and golfers.
Percy Williams: Running Out of Time Producer/Editor
One hour portrait of 1928 Olympian Percy Williams. History Television.
Agnes Macphail M.P. Director/Editor
One hour portrait of the first elected woman M.P.
The Matchless Six Director/Editor
Television hour on Canada's first women's Olympic track and field team (1928). CBC Network.



EDITOR: One hour network specials.

EDITOR: Serials, Drama, Animation and IMAX

Medicare Schmedicare
Being Caribou
From Harling Point
Adams Eyes
John McCrae's War
Other Side of the Picture
V6N 1A6
Under Wraps
Ray Bradbury: American Icon
A Rough Crossing
This Thing Called Love
Funny Side of Death
Teen Rebel, Teen Mom
The Last Harvest
Healing Spirit
Ellen's Story
Family: A loving look at CBC
The Killing Ground
Broadening My World
War Reporters
Speaking our Peace
Hugh MacLennan: Portrait of a Writer
In Search of Farley Mowatt

Champions of the Wild (two episodes)
From The Shore
15 Years in the Making
Kitchen Culture
Too Good To Be True
No Coats Allowed
Beavers Omnimax-Imax
First Day Home
Yesterday's Heroes
Polishing Mountains
The Victoria Cross
Double Dare
Gzowski & Co.
Happy Birthday, Hacker John
World Fair Vignettes
Alert Bird Watch
Heavy Metal
The Unbroken Line
The Agony of Jimmy Quinlan
La Seigneurie
Sun, Wind, Wood








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