Robert Duncan: Biography and Filmography

Robert Duncan came to Canada from Scotland in 1967 to attend the world's fair in Montreal.

He worked as a staff journalist with the Ottawa Journal and the Montreal Gazette before moving to the CBC in Montreal where he wrote and produced radio drama and documentary.

He moved to television in 1972 and two years later left CBC to join Donald Brittain at the National Film Board of Canada where he initiated and co-produced the Oscar nominated feature documentary, Volcano, An Enquiry into the Life and Death of Malcolm Lowry .

During the next ten years Duncan worked at the NFB in documentary, drama and specialised IMAX projects (see filmography). Duncan Productions Inc. was incorporated in 1978 and in 1989 moved from Montreal to Vancouver. Since that move Duncan has written, produced or directed television specials for, and has a working relationship with, most major Canadian networks.

Duncan has four children, Keiron, Katrina, Jessica and Sarah. He is married to the renowned television and film editor, Janice Brown.




The Business of Sex. Writer/Director/Executive Producer.
A CTV special on the legalization of prostitution.

2005 Medicare Schmedicare Writer/Director/Co-Producer
A one hour television essay for the CBC's Passionate Eye.
2004 Woodward's: The Competition Writer/Co-director/Exec producer
A one hour network special for CBC and CBC Newsworld on the revitalisation of the inner city in the downtown eastside of Vancouver.
Smarter Than The Rest Of Us Writer/Director/Exec Producer
A One hour CTV network special looking into human intelligence.
2002 Golf: The Ridiculous Obsession Writer/Director/Exec Producer
Two network hours for CTV on the obsessive nature of golf. These two shows are being distributed by TWI, the distribution arm of IMG.
2001 Raffi: It takes a village Writer/Director/Co-Exec Producer
CBC Sunday Night special on the life of Raffi, the Children's Troubadour.
Truthseekers Writer/Narrator/Structuralist
A series of five one hour documentaries for The Discovery Channel investigating a scientific view of the para-normal. Barbara Shearer, Producer. John Panikkar, Executive Producer.
2000 Beaverbrook. The Various Lives of Max Aitken Writer/Director/Co-Exec Producer
One hour CTV special biography of Lord Beaverbrook. Co-produced with the NFB.
The Flight Co-Writer/Structuralist/Narrator
Three one hour documentaries for Discovery on the technology and people behind a modern Trans-Atlantic flight. Produced by Discovery Canada and pre-sold to Discovery International, Discovery Germany, Discovery Japan.
1999 Women Who Love Killers Writer/Director/Co-Producer
One Hour America Undercover special for HBO.
Sheldon: A story of human courage Writer/Director/Exec Producer
A 90 minute CTV special on the sexual abuse of NHL hockey player Sheldon Kennedy. A one hour version of this film was also delivered.
1998 John McCrae's War Writer/Director/Co-Exec Producer
Remembrance Day Special for CBC. Co-produced with NFB on the life of John McCrae, the man who wrote "In Flanders Fields."
Billy Miner: The real story of the Grey Fox Writer/Director
Historical Biography for HISTORY Television's The Canadians.
The Legend of Grey Owl Writer/Director/Co-Exec Producer
Historical Biography for HISTORY Television's The Canadians.
Percy Williams: Running out of Time Writer/Co-Exec Producer
Historical Biography for HISTORY Television's The Canadians.
Ma Murray: Ink the Blood Writer/Co-Exec Producer
Historical Biography for HISTORY Television's The Canadians.
1997 V6A 1N6 Writer/Producer/Exec-Producer
A one hour prime time special for the launch week of Vancouver Television on drug addiction in downtown Vancouver.
Rattenbury Writer/Director/Co-Producer/Co-Exec Producer
Pilot episode for HISTORY Television's Faces of History series on the life and death of architect Francis Rattenbury.
Agnes Macphail MP Writer/Co-Producer/Co-Exec Producer
One hour portrait of Canada's first woman MP, directed by Janice Brown.
W.A.C. Bennett Co-producer/Co-Exec Producer
One hour portrait of one of Canada's most colourful politicians, directed by David Paperny for Faces of History.
Buzz Beurling Co-producer/Co-Exec Producer
One hour portrait of Canada's leading fighter pilot of WW2, directed by Andrew Gardiner for Faces of History.
1996 Life on the Internet Writer/Co-Producer/Narrator
Second season of 13 half hour documentaries for, Discovery Canada and PBS. (Public television in Korea, New Zealand and Sky- U.K.) on issues arising from the use of the internet. With Andrew Cochran and Rae Hull.
The Kid and the Spaceman Writer/Narrator
One Hour portrait of Canadian Chris Hadfield and his trip aboard the Shuttle to the Russian Space Station, Mir. With Rae Hull and Andrew Cochran.
1995 Ray Bradbury: American Icon Writer/Director/Co-Producer
One hour portrait of the American Science Fiction writer for USA NETWORK and WIC. With Andrew Thomson.
Life on the Internet Writer/Co-Director/Co-Producer/Host
13 half hour series for Discovery Canada and PBS on Internet personalities and topics. With Andrew Cochran and Rae Hull.
Using the Internet Writer/Co-Producer/Host
Second of a two part, two hour special, on the Internet for The Discovery Channel with Andrew Cochran.
1994 Understanding the Internet Writer/Co-Producer
First of a two part special on the Internet for The Discovery Channel, with Andrew Cochran.
This Thing Called Love Writer/Director/Co-Producer
A CTV Network Special examining Love in the 1990s.
Money Court Writer/Exec-Producer
Sixty five daytime court room dramas for Global Television Network with Blair Murdoch.
1994 The Funny Side of Death Writer/Director/Co-Producer
For CBC's Witness -- a one hour comic look at our attitudes towards death - shooting in England, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Arizona.
1993 Weird and Wonderful Writer/Director/Producer
A one hour comedy documentary examining the lifestyles of three weird and wonderful characters. Global.
Space for Four Writer/Structure
The season opener for the 1993-94 Witness series. A one hour documentary look at the selection process for the four Canadian astronauts. CBC. Winner Hot Docs.
1992 View From the Typewriter Writer/Director/Producer
Made from existing profiles of Canadian writers, a one hour CBC network anthology in co-production with the NFB.
Kurt Browning: Life on the Edge Writer/Co-Director
A CTV hour on the four years between the 1988 and 1992 Olympics and the life of Kurt Browning, World Champion Figure Skater. Produced by Great North.
Ellen's Story Writer/Director/Exec Producer
A one hour Global Television portrait of a woman who has spent a lifetime dealing with illiteracy, poverty and alcoholism.
1991 Reading, Writing and Courage Writer/Director
A classroom film dealing with adults who have gone back to school to beat illiteracy.
Family, A Loving Look at CBC Radio Co-Director/Writer
This one hour CBC Television film was started by Donald Brittain shortly before his death in 1989. It was completed by Duncan and Editor Janice Brown.
1990 In Search of the Dragon Writer/Structuralist
A two hour special on the hunt for dinosaur fossils in China and Canada. Produced by Great North.
C.D. Howe, Minister of Everything Director/Writer
A biographical portrait of one of Canada's most powerful politicians. Location direction and production by Thomas Howe.
1989 IMAX: The First Emperor Writer/Structuralist
A $6 million co-production between the Chinese and Canadian Governments based on he life of China's first emperor. Produced by the NFB.
The Victoria Cross Writer/Director/Producer
A half hour Remembrance Day Special giving the history of the Victoria Cross and its place in Canada's military traditions.
1988 Yesterday's Heroes Writer/Director/Producer
A tribute to Canada's War Veterans. Sponsored, in part, by Molson Canada and the Charles F. Bronfman Foundation.
1986 Gzowski and Company Writer/ Director
A half hour portrait show hosted by Peter Gzowski and produced by the CBC: Four shows: Jay Scott; Angele Dubeau; Montreal Children's Theatre and Gerard Godin.
1985 Beyond Dollars Writer/Director/Producer
A short film commissioned by the CIBC outlining the responsibility of Canadian business towards charitable institutions.
The Cap Writer/Director
Half hour dramatic film based on a Morley Callaghan short story and starring Michael Ironside, Nicholas Podbrey and Jennifer Dale.
Cages Writer
Half hour dramatic film directed by Michael Scott and based on the short story by Guy Vanderhaeghe.
1984 Towards the Intelligent Universe Writer/Producer
A short film Commissioned by Northern Telecom Corporation highlighting advances in telecommunications.
1983 Hugh MacLennan Writer/Director/Producer
One hour portrait of one of Canada's best loved writers. Produced by CBC.
1982 The Road to Patriation Writer/Director
Ninety Minute special on the repatriation of the Canadian Constitution. A CBC-NFB co-production.
1981 Sixty Four Million Years Ago Writer
An animated short, directed by Bill Malone, on life in the Cretaceous Period.
Ceremonial Writer
Produced by the NFB for the Canadian Armed Forces; a series of films explaining and recording the various ceremonies of military life.
Choice of Two Writer
One hour television drama starring Leslie Neilsen and directed by John Howe. NFB/CBC.
Jack Hodgins' Island Writer/Director
One hour television biography in the NFB writers' series.
In Search of Farley Mowat Writer/Co-Producer
One hour television biography in the NFB Writer's series. Directed by Andy Thomson.
1980 IMAX. Atmos Writer
Imax/Omnimax special on weather patterns. Directed by Colin Low for the NFB.
The Strongest Man in the World Writer
Half hour theatrical short directed by Halya Kutchmy and narrated by Jack Palance.
W.O. Mitchell: Novelist in Hiding Writer/Director
One hour television portrait in the NFB's Canadian writer series.
1979 Bravery In The Field Co-Writer
Dramatic Half hour produced by the NFB, directed by Giles Walker.
1978 Margaret Laurence First Lady of Manawaka Writer/Director
One hour portrait in the NFB's Canadian writer series.
Eve Lambart: A Portrait Writer
One hour television portrait of the film animator, Eve Lambart. Produced by the NFB.
The Point Writer/Director
One hour documentary portrait of a working class neighbourhood in Montreal, Point St Charles.
The Agony of Jimmy Quinlan Writer/Co-Producer
Profile of a reforming alcoholic and his struggle against the bottle. Half hour television film produced by the NFB.
1977 I Wasn't Scared Writer
Half hour children's film directed by Giles Walker for the NFB.
Lady From Grey County Writer
Half hour documentary portrait of Agnes Macphail. Directed by Janice Brown.
His Worship Mr. Montreal Co-Director/Co-Producer
One hour television profile of Camillien Houde, Mayor of Montreal from the Depression until 1953. Co-directed by Marrin Canell and Donald Brittain.
Volcano: An Enquiry into the Life and Death of Malcolm Lowry
Co-producer of this feature length documentary directed by Donald Brittain and narrated by Richard Burton.
1976 Have I Ever Lied to You Before Writer
One hour television portrait of Canadian advertising executive Jerry Goodis. Directed by John Spotton.
1969-76 Various CBC Radio and Television projects as writer,
1967-69 News Desk Editor. Montreal Gazette, Ottawa Journal.
1963 Reporter. Falkirk Herald.
1962 Reporter. Stirling Journal.





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